Pointing to your lands where your dead lie buried

High on a mountain, carved in stone

Your people still speak of the old ways

And to respect the earth, it is our home


You were betrayed by your own 

Ever since, your people have suffered

Broken treaties, broken promises

A culture and a language smothered


Crazy Horse, sun on the horizon  

Crazy Horse, your people are rising


Black Elk warned us long ago 

The black snake has an evil bite

All nations must join as one

To save the earth we'll have to fight 


Native lands at risk again

Protectors are heeding the call

Standing up for Lakota rights

Facing one more Cannon Ball 



Many promises were made but they kept only one        

They said they'd take your land away and that's exactly what was done


From Sand Creek to Wounded Knee

As long as the grass should grow

Your children were taken from you

As long as the waters flow


But what do I see, your people are speaking

They are singing the old songs

They are fighting to stop the black snake

And they are standing their ground


CHORUS  ––> fade out


©2016 Hank Fridell & Jeff Sweet;  Jeff Sweet Music  ASCAP, Fridell Music ASCAP



We're digging it up, seams of black gold 

To power the flat screens in countless households 

We're heating the air, polluting the sky

Contamination is making fish die 



Millions of years in the making

But only hundreds for the taking

We're raping the earth, the whole world round

Got to change our ways, leave it underground


It's time to leave it 

Leave it

Leave it

Leave it in the ground


Boring deep holes, hydraulic frack

To free hydrocarbons, it’s shot into cracks 

But the harm to our water, the spills and earthquakes

Oh we are making a dreadful mistake




New paradigm

Got to make it clean

Cut down on fossil fuels

Keep the planet green

We got solar cells

Tap hydro and the wind 

Ocean heat and tides 

Geothermal energy




A healthier future, what is that worth

To give our children, a sustainable earth 

Stop short term profits from calling the shots 

Let's change the focus to clean kilowatts



©2017 Hank Fridell & Jeff Sweet;  Jeff Sweet Music  ASCAP, Fridell Music ASCAP



The dogs of Summer

Out running free

Packs of hounds nose to the ground

See what they can see


There’s road kill ‘n garbage

Dogs taste it all

Left behind, pay no mind

To the dogs of the Fall



Together they run

Mastered by none

Outlaws unchained

But it ain’t like being free



The dogs of Winter

Life in the now

Hit by a truck, out of luck

Pushed off by a plow


In Spring dogs thaw

And it’s hard to tell

Who they belong to

But no one likes the smell









©2017 Hank Fridell ; Fridell Music ASCAP  


It feels so fine to be loved by yo

To be your special one in a love so true

You’re always by my side



I’m never alone ‘cause I’m loved by you

Wherever I go, whatever I do

You’re with me in my heart




Every night and day

You help me find my way

I want to always stay      

Loved by you




The joy of my life is being loved by you

Together we are so much more than two

Your love makes me whole



©2018 Jeff Sweet;  Jeff Sweet Music  ASCAP


Dan staggers outside, leaving the saloon 

Rolling home slower than the trip at noon

He’s off in a ditch, to spend a night under the stars

I understand the logic of GPS

And a computer for Dan when he’s drunk to excess

He’d be safe at home if he’d gotten in a driverless car


There are problems we create

That technology will solve

For algorithms are much faster

Than humans can evolve

No need for a license or DWI’s

Fewer cops and to trucks, people won’t die

As long as we can keep the hackers from screwing things up

Your insurance rates will drop without you at the wheel

Computer's are a better risk than nerves of steel

Just text up a ride and a driverless Uber pulls up


Dan’s safely in, credit card’s connected

He gets home, but in the yard, he has to be ejected

And there he sleeps it off, snoring a drunkard’s song

But if it’s freezing outside Dan’ll be a popsicle

And he’ll need to thaw out down at the hospital

So he stays in the yard till a driverless ambulance comes along



©2017 Hank Fridell;  Fridell Music ASCAP





I’m a loner, don’t have many friends

I take pictures with my gun and I post ‘em 

I’ll get my revenge, you’ll see me in the news, 

I’m beyond your control  

I’ve got a plan.


Now everything is different

Friends are dyin’ 

Everything is different 

Families are cryin’ 

Everything is different 

Is anybody tryin’    

Nothing has changed


I heard the shots, no place to hide 

I was scared; I was cryin’, on my knees 

I couldn’t think, couldn’t comprehend 

What’s going on 

Was he coming for me?


Now everything is different . . . 


Tick Toc Talk:


 In the seven years between Sandy Hook and Parkland’s mass shootings 

(whisper) Nothing has changed 

6,400 wounded. 1,800  killed

(whisper) Nothing has change

Between February 2017  and the Parkland shooting a year later  

(whisper) Nothing has changed 

Ten mass shootings have killed 139 and wounded 474 

(whisper) Nothing has changed




Something's happenin’, What’s going on? 

Killing children, people  something is wrong

All the thoughts and prayers that are given

Won’t raise the dead   


Nothing has changed.  

So many die 

Nothin has changed. 

So many lies

Nothin has changed. 

Won't you tell me why

AAAAAhhhhhhh!  Nothin’ has changed 

Nothin’ has changed

Nothin has changed

Nothin has changed



©2018 Hank Fridell ; Fridell Music ASCAP   




I am a human alloy living in the melting pot

Italian Anglo-Saxon Scandinavian whatnot

Within my friends and neighbors are the peoples of this earth

Cultural diversity predates our birth


voices:Where is your homeland?

Oooooh - oooh- oooh-oooh


Received free education in the public school

I was taught to give, and learned to live by the golden rule

We must give a hand to those in need, and help those denied

The basic human rights without which many have died 


voices:Where is your homeland?

Oooooh - oooh- oooh-oooh 


I’m American…  (4x)


We must have the right to assemble, and not get thrown in jail

A free press is essential for justice to prevail

Freedom of religion, or even none at all

Every race, every voice, no matter how small


Our nation has had struggles, many battles have been fought

To make the rights of few become the rights of all, liberty is  sought

From the corners of the planet, we have joined here hand in hand

Together this is now our home, sharing this land


BREAK  ––> INSTRUMENTAL  (4x  chorus)


 I’m American…  (8x)


 ©2018 Jeff Sweet, Hank Fridell;  Jeff Sweet Music  ASCAP, Fridell Music ASCAP



Hitching a ride at the speed of light

Can’t feel a thing, it’s out of sight

Some think it’s a thrill, some say it’s a sin

It’s a wireless world that we’re living in


The future is here, you can like it or not    

The air vibrates with electrical thought    

Data overload can make your head spin

It’s a wireless world that we’re living in


Garage doors, TV, video

We're filling up the world with remote control

Online recreation, debit card to pump your gas

You hardly ever have to get up off your ass


Mega-, giga-, terra-, bit and  byte

Blurring the boundaries of wrong and right(verse chords)

Modern day pirates have a reason to grin

It’s a wireless world that we’re living in


Take a shopping trip, stream a TV show

So much to learn, so many places to go

The internet highway has plenty of lanes

Try to see it all and you’ll go insane


Computer in your pocket, GPS in your car

The high tech way to play electric guitar(verse chords)

Musical wizards have a reason to grin

It’s a wireless world that we’re living in


 ©2017 Jeff Sweet;  Jeff Sweet Music  ASCAP



We've come to witness, traveled for days

High anticipation for a 2-minute gaze

Tin foil hats, solar souvenirs

Nothing like this has happened for years


1st contact is met with applause

Scientists are here to explain the cause

Time slows down as the bodies align

Air becomes still, colors lose their shine



We join to witness this cosmic event

To get a sense of the Universe's extent

Feeling so small after all


A sudden chill, thin cirrus swirl

Tiny slice of sun beams an HD world

Darkness racing toward us faster than sound

Curtain of our world's finale coming down






Circle of twilight

A glimpse of light's death

Plunged into darkness

I take a deep breath




As quick as it came, a sudden beam's glow

Lights up the Earth, returning status quo

But somehow it's different, something's gone on

Somehow we're changed in this new light's dawn


We join to witness this cosmic event

To get a sense of the Universe's extent

Feeling so small . . . so so small . . .

©2017 Jeff Sweet, Hank Fridell;  Jeff Sweet Music  ASCAP, Fridell Music ASCAP







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