DustUp! - What the songs are about



Crazy Horse  relates the history of Crazy Horse and the Lakota Sioux to the dispute over the Dakota Access Pipeline at Cannon Ball, N.D.

Leave It In The Ground  voices our support for shifting energy reliance from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources.

It Ain’t Like Being Free is a blues/rock tune inspired by observing feral dogs on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Driverless Car seeks to answer the question of how technology can solve the problem of drunks getting safely home from the bar.

Loved By You is a pure & simple love song, but we still managed to include the banjo!

Nothing Has Changed addresses the fact that despite continued mass shootings in the US, nothing is being done about improving gun control.  We add our voices to those of students across the country asking for meaningful measures to be taken to limit future gun violence.

News From The Swamp is an instrumental tune inspired by the chaos we see every day coming from our nation’s capitol.

I’m American  celebrates our country’s founding principles, culminating in a guitar-banjo duel that rocks!

Wireless World is a musical commentary on the ubiquitous use of wireless technology.

Witness was inspired by observing the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. Truly awesome!