I am a Wanderer:  Jeff and Hank are both amateur astronomers, armed with telescopes! This CD has 3 astronomy songs.  This one leads off the CD with a reflection on how amateur astronomers are wanderers of the night skies.

Voice of an Angel:  Jeff came up with this title driving home one day while listening to a Karla Bonoff album.  On hearing a demo version, Hank thought adding some Mexican flavor would be a good fit.  Add Marianne's  translation and angelic singing and . . . voila!

Who Do You Believe and Trust:  Anyone else getting tired of the lies and the way truth gets turned on its head?

That's What Love Is For:  Gotta have at least one love song per album, right?

I Hope You Found Peace:  Suicide is a growing national tragedy.  Since the pandemic showed up it seems that we don’t hear much about it.

Driving on Sunshine is an anthem to the green transition that is slowly building in our transportation infrastructure.  The more of us that can do our part, the healthier the planet will become!

Through a Starry Starry Night:  This is the 2nd song on the album about our night skies.  This one looks at the journey we are on, and how it can define what art is.  Being able to capture the images we see through our telescope’s mirrors and lenses deepens our understanding of our place in the Universe.

Born To Be Mild:  This song came from a conversation Hank had with Mike Irwin, Cait Irwin’s dad, about growing up, riding our bikes to school, and the joy of riding no hands with playing cards flapping against the spokes.

When is Over Over:  Some things seem to go on forever.  So when is over, over?

Earth to the Universe:   Our final astronomy song on the album was inspired by the European Space Agency Rosetta mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. One of the things the lander Philae sent back before going dark was an audio file of noises the comet makes. We  just love the thought of the comet having a voice! The woodpecker sound on the recording is the comet’s voice singing to us. Check out our video in which Hank  plays the cello banjo and double bass and Jeff plays acoustic and electric guitars.