Here's to You:  A song celebrating long friendships.

We Cannot Fail:  This was inspired by a percussionist from Ghana, Jorael Annoh, who was in Custer with a band that played in the schools.  Hank got to know him, and was taught a rhythm that became this song about what's in a life worth living.

Tofino:  Jeff & Ronni visited this community on Vancouver Island and fell in love with the area's spectacular beauty.

Yahoo:  A Valentine's Day gift from Hank to Marianne.

The Beetles Come:  A song for our Trailbuster group that clears trails in the Black Elk Wilderness, to sing at the Burning Beetle Variety Show.

If it Ain't Broke Don't Fix It:  A tale of the weariness in updating technology.

Dueling Baños:  A year ago Hank did a float trip down the Yampa/Green River. The expedition company provided most of the amenities we needed, including the two bucket toilets, which inspired this instrumental.

Of All the Seeds:  Tells the story of how nature provides for many seeds, from which few are chosen to survive.  Hank was thinking about the abortion debate in writing this.

Supply Chain Blues:  A tale of woe about online ordering.

Past the Event Horizon:  An  astronomical dream.  The ending features the “sound” emitted from a black hole, whose pressure waves cause ripples in nearby hot gas.  The vibrations have been “sonified” to much higher frequencies that are within the human range of hearing.