Dustup! Jeff Sweet & Hank Fridell 

Dustup! is a series of songs to guide the listener through this modern world. Jeff and Hank along with Kevin Huston, Marianne Fridell, Lily Fridell and the Won't Raise the Dead Gang address problems and scenarios that we all encounter. Indeed, they have the guts to take on some very serious ones and do so with equal measures of wisdom and humor. There is a common thread of banjo and guitar cleverly mixed with vocals and a wide range of other instrument voices. A good example is addressing the benefits and problems of the driverless car that will surely be in our lives in the years to come. Who else has taken on that topic? These songs are refreshing, pleasing and skillfully performed. 

Highly recommended.


Reviewed by  Rex Rideout

Another DustUP - The Other Side

When you hear music from Hank and Marianne Fridell, it is multi-styled and thoughtful. I've said that each of their CDs is a handbook on how to live one's life. Well Hank has been joining forces with longtime friend Jeff Sweet and their latest titled,: The Other Side is all of that and even gets to the big picture of being a citizen of this world and how one should lead it. It seems folks need to be told that these days, But they even carried it further and give advice on what one does when your mortal days on earth are over. Why put yourself in a sealed box? There are eleven clever tracks with a pleasing range of vocals, with fine instrumentals including Hank's ever present banjo licks. 

Highly recommended.