1. Crazy Horse
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Pointing to your lands where your dead lie buried
High on a mountain, carved in stone
Your people still speak of the old ways
And to respect the earth, it is our home

You were betrayed by your own
Ever since, your people have suffered
Broken treaties, broken promises
A culture and a language smothered

Crazy Horse, sun on the horizon
Crazy Horse, your people are rising

Black Elk warned us long ago
The black snake has an evil bite
All nations must join as one
To save the earth we'll have to fight

Native lands at risk again
Protectors are heeding the call
Standing up for Lakota rights
Facing one more Cannon Ball


Many promises were made but they kept only one
They said they'd take your land away and that's exactly what was done

From Sand Creek to Wounded Knee
As long as the grass should grow
Your children were taken from you
As long as the waters flow

But what do I see, your people are speaking
They are singing the old songs
They are fighting to stop the black snake
And they are standing their ground


©2016 Hank Fridell & Jeff Sweet; Jeff Sweet Music ASCAP, Fridell Music ASCAP