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We're digging it up, seams of black gold
To power the flat screens in countless households
Earth is heating up, CO2 in the air
Polluting the sky, extinctions beware

Millions of years in the making
But only hundreds for the taking
We're raping the earth, the whole world round
Got to change our ways, leave it underground
It's time to leave it
Leave it
Leave it
Leave it in the ground

Boring deep holes, hydraulic frack
To free hydrocarbons, it’s shot into cracks
But the harm to our water, the spills and earthquakes
Oh we are making a dreadful mistake


New paradigm
Got to make it clean
Cut down on fossil fuels
Keep the planet green
We got solar cells
Tap hydro and the wind
Ocean heat and tides
Geothermal energy


A healthier future, what is that worth
To give our children, a sustainable earth
Stop short term profits from calling the shots
Let's change the focus to clean kilowatts


©2017 Hank Fridell & Jeff Sweet; Jeff Sweet Music ASCAP, Fridell Music ASCAP