1. Driverless Car
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Dan staggers outside, leaving the saloon
Rolling home slower than the trip at noon
He’s off in a ditch, to spend a night under the stars
I understand the logic of GPS
And a computer for Dan when he’s drunk to excess
He’d be safe at home if he’d gotten in a driverless car

There are problems we create
That technology will solve
For algorithms are much faster
Than humans can evolve

No need for a license or DWI’s
Fewer cops and to trucks, people won’t die
As long as we can keep the hackers from screwing things up
Your insurance rates will drop without you at the wheel
Computer's are a better risk than nerves of steel
Just text up a ride and a driverless Uber pulls up


Dan’s safely in, credit card’s connected
He gets home, but in the yard, he has to be ejected
And there he sleeps it off, snoring a drunkard’s song
But if it’s freezing outside Dan’ll be a popsicle
And he’ll need to thaw out down at the hospital
So he stays in the yard till a driverless ambulance comes along


©2017 Hank Fridell; Fridell Music ASCAP