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I’m a loner, don’t have many friends
I take pictures with my gun and I post ‘em
I’ll get my revenge, you’ll see me in the news,
I’m beyond your control
I’ve got a plan.

Now everything is different
Friends are dyin’
Everything is different
Families are cryin’
Everything is different
Is anybody tryin’
Nothing has changed

I heard the shots, no place to hide
I was scared; I was cryin’, on my knees
I couldn’t think, couldn’t comprehend
What’s going on
Was he coming for me?

Now everything is different . . .

Tick Toc Talk:
In the seven years between Sandy Hook and Parkland’s mass shootings
(whisper) Nothing has changed
6,400 wounded. 1,800 killed
(whisper) Nothing has changed
Between February 2017 and the Parkland shooting a year later
(whisper) Nothing has changed
Ten mass shootings have killed 139 and wounded 474
(whisper) Nothing has changed


Something's happenin’, What’s going on?
Killing children, people something is wrong
All the thoughts and prayers that are given
Won’t raise the dead

Nothing has changed.
So many die
Nothin has changed.
So many lies
Nothin has changed.
Won't you tell me why
AAAAAhhhhhhh! Nothin’ has changed
Nothin’ has changed
Nothin has changed
Nothin has changed

©2018 Hank Fridell ; Fridell Music ASCAP