1. I'm American
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I am a human alloy living in the melting pot
Italian Anglo-Saxon Scandinavian whatnot
Within my friends and neighbors are the peoples of this earth
Cultural diversity predates our birth

voices:Where is your homeland?
Oooooh - oooh- oooh-oooh

Received free education in the public school
I was taught to give, and learned to live by the golden rule
We must give a hand to those in need, and help those denied
The basic human rights without which many have died

voices:Where is your homeland?
Oooooh - oooh- oooh-oooh

I’m American… (4x)

We must have the right to assemble, and not get thrown in jail
A free press is essential for justice to prevail
Freedom of religion, or even none at all
Every race, every voice, no matter how small

Our nation has had struggles, many battles have been fought
To make the rights of few become the rights of all, liberty is sought
From the corners of the planet, we have joined here hand in hand
Together this is now our home, sharing this land


I’m American… (8x)

©2018 Jeff Sweet, Hank Fridell; Jeff Sweet Music ASCAP, Fridell Music ASCAP