From the recording Interesting Times

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A note held in a bottle
A curse with a message sublime
Can we save ourselves and this planet?
May you live in interesting times

What does this virus say ‘bout us, the way we’ve come to be
About what we hold sacred, and what we choose to believe
Do we trust and help each other, or hide mistakes we’ve done
What does this virus say to us, about what we’ve become

Is the climate pushing back, from what we’ve put in the air
Are Homo Sapiens the most endangered. Mankind Beware!
Nationalism and prejudice, can’t take a global view
Can’t see beyond our wallets, look at this mess we’ve stepped into


The poor in the richest economy thrown under the bus
The systems that support us are about to go bust
What’s happened to the bees, the oceans are a risin’
The way we address problems, it’s so politicizing.

Allowing industry to boost pollution it’s a national shame
The floods, cancers, poverty, our forests are aflame
The jokers on the web who think fake news is their right
It doesn’t play out well, folks, this script needs a re-write


Will we have the resolve and strength to do what we need to do
It’s not just some killer virus that’s a threat to you
If we live through this pandemic it’s gunna be a race
Cuz extinction and climate change will be staring us in the face.