From the recording I Am A Wanderer

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When the moon beams
And the sun lights my way
I know where I am
In the shine and in the day

But when the two fall 
I am left to roam
Under points of light
Of a celestial dome

I am a wanderer, I’m a wanderer
From the Anthropocene
Peering through our Milky Way
Across time, matter and forces unseen

I am witness to its forces
It’s power and its majesty
I track their motions across the sky
I sense their randomness and certainty

The forces that bind us
The energy that drives all change
The dance we share with all that is
I wander, wander thru these planes

I am a wanderer, I’m a wanderer
Seeking a connection to my place
Between this Earth, my home
And the Cosmos, the outer space

We get caught up in the here the now
Our troubles mount with the news
Out there in the Universe
I see wonder, hope, and bigger clues

While you sleep or stay up with your media
I am out traveling with the planets, galaxies,
Nebula, constellations, comets,
Clusters, deep sky, shooting stars.

I’m a wanderer, I’m a wanderer
There’s so much in between
A space defined by math and physics
Out of this world, in my dreams

I am a wanderer . . .