From the recording I Am A Wanderer

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There’s lots of liars with a plan and a hope
That they can turn your head but don’t be a dope
We live in a time when idiots run amuck
They want you to follow but you better duck


Who do you trust, who do you believe
Who feeds your fears, who tries to deceive
Who shifts your attention drives you to distraction
Who tells the truth or is it just a con
Who do you believe and trust

You’ve heard it before, is it really legit
There must be some truth or why’m I still hearing it
Repeating over and over, the lie keeps on growin’
The chatter (chatter) echo (echo) keeps on a-goin’



Living in a maze
Another door to nowhere
Got to find a way
There must be someone somewhere

Forget the scientists, throw out the experts
Stay loyal to the man, he needs his converts
Social media, alt news, the Q, net and talk shows
Taking up sides, talking heads and bozos

Bridge (2x)