From the recording I Am A Wanderer

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He was a comic, an actor. people loved his laughter
But he just didn’t have a satisfied mind
When he seemed to have it all, was the beginning of the fall
When he took his life I lost something too

There's devils all around
They burn away inside
I couldn’t find a way to help you
Take away the pain
I hope there’s angels waiting
But on this side I’m shakin’
I hope you found peace 
On the other side

He was a preacher, a teacher, community leader
He helped out many a troubled soul
But he couldn’t quiet the demons that were inside screaming
When he took his life I lost something, too


Every day in America the tragedy of suicide
Plays out with people choosing to die
I’ve seen it in the faces, the hopelessness, depression
Trauma, fear, pain, isolation, addiction

The hero came home to stay from a war far away
A young soldier who had seen too much
But he couldn’t win the fight that raged inside at night
When he chose suicide by cop I lost something too