From the recording I Am A Wanderer

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Riding my bike, knee action Schwinn
Fat tires and fenders, my face to the wind
One speed is all that I need,
In traffic I’m passing cars
Ridin’ no hands. Feet on the handle bars

Never was of a rebel, Never had a wild side
Tried to be kind and considerate, I was born, born to be mild

My pants are chewed up, from getting caught in the chain
The girls (snicker snicker), when they hear my name
The kids (Hey Punk) who were retained,
Way back in 3rd grade
Are all driving hot cars, they really got it made


Oooh that coaster break, lays the rubber down
Sorry that your calipers hardly slow you down
Ridin’ my old man’s Schwinn,
He says it’s a classic ride
When I show up at school, I find it a place to hide


I’m dodging rocks, Jumping off curbs
Coastin’ down the side walk, man I really swerve
I’m rollin, I’m over the road,
Like a shot I’m down the driveway
On Deadman’s Curve never touched the brakes
Peddle, peddle away