1. We Cannot Fail

From the recording Here's to You


I want to touch you like water
I want to sing with the wind
I want to lift you higher
Join the sacred and the sin

I want to feel the Earth’s pulse
Hear galactic scales
I want to be the change
Oh we cannot fail

We ask questions we’re curious
We want to have the choice
We want a life of promise and hope
We hear more than one voice

I want to speak the truth
And sip life no not guzzle
See beauty in the simple
And solve the puzzle

I want to turn the page
Take control of details
I will seek the meaning
Oh we cannot fail


My songs should ring true
And speak from the heart
Code should read like poetry
Merge the Science and the Art

I want to tame the beast
Help and heal the frail
To find a path forward
Oh we cannot fail