1. Tofino

From the recording Here's to You


Out on the edge of this wild land
A place where the mountains meet sea and sand
A place where the windswept trees will sway
And the waves kiss the shore day after day

Tofino, oh Tofino
How you make my heart sing
Tofino, oh Tofino
A place where my soul takes wing

The sun sets behind the island hills
The night sky is painted with fiery thrills
The stars twinkle brightly in the dark
As the rhythm of the ocean makes its mark


The rugged coastline beckons us to explore
As the sea creatures play and the eagles soar
The rainforest whispers secrets untold
As the surfers brave the waves so bold


In my dreams I return to a walk,
Where the rocks and trees meet the waves
With you there beside me sharing until,  
I awake to just . . . another day.


The locals welcome us with kindness and care
Take a breath, there is magic in the salty air
The magic of Tofino stays in our hearts
We have fallen in love never wanting to part

Chorus (2x)