From the recording Here's to You


Of all the seeds
One took root
Spread its boughs, gave us fruit
Stood tall for birds, insects and squirrels,
Gave us shade, a better world

Of all the seeds
We are blessed for one’s birth
And what can come from this sacred Earth
It is more than alive, it has shown its worth
It brings something more, it brings rebirth

Of all the seeds
This one grew.
And as we hoped, we are renewed
We have survived, we live again
We pause. We say Amen

Of all the seeds
One will open and unfold
And after a time, it’s story is told
Then into a memory it soon will pass
But even our memories, they never last

Of all the seeds
The chosen ones recede
To join those long forgotten seeds
The ones that never, never took root
Spread their boughs, gave us fruit

Of all the seeds
Their promise possessed
A hope that all were surely blessed
Leaving us to comprehend
That all blessings are gifts, but not all gifts are opened