From the recording Here's to You


It’s bright and shiny, just what I need,
Too good too be true, and the shipping was free
A couple of clicks, and it’s in the cart, 
Off the order goes, man am I smart
In the land of plenty where stuff is ample
It’s getting hard to put your hands on a sample

It’s out in the cloud, where might it be
It’s out in the cloud, please send it to me
What could go wrong, Why me, why oh why?
Maybe there’s more here than meets the eye

There’s a long chain from that online store
It’s a long way till it’s at my door

Is it on the plane, in the truck 
Out for delivery, is it all about luck?
Can they find my house, is it still offshore
Maybe some jerk grabbed it from my door
Did a program crash, or a factory shut down
A train’s off the tracks, a driver left town

It’s out in the cloud, did they miss what I said
It’s out in the cloud, is someone still in bed
What could go wrong, label ripped off in shreds
Before it shows up, I’ll probably be dead


The worst is when the money’s been paid
You wait and wait and feel betrayed
Did the goods get lost in the system
God help you if you’re picky and your item is “custom”

It’s hard being on the end of the chain
That’s the place where we feel the pain
If the shipper can’t ship, or the ships can’t dock
Time is standing still, the ticks can’t tock
When the cloud can’t deliver and it’s not on the shelf
It’s time to go old school and make it yourself

It’s out in the cloud, raw materials are scarce
It’s out in the cloud, nobody cares
What could go wrong, prices on the rise
When it gets here it’s broken or the wrong size